educational photography

college photography

Educational photography is an area which is both exciting as well as tiresome. There is a lot of scope for lively people photography in this segment. The sheer number of departments and magnitude of photos to be shot is staggering and can extend to over 3-4 days of both indoor and outdoor photo shoots. Also, there is a lot of difference in the kind of photos that have to be shot. For example, one instant I would be shooting the wide infrastructure of the campus and the next instant I would have to showcase the delicate instruments and hues of the Chemistry lab! It is in this segment more than anywhere else that good photographs can go a long way in creating a positive brand identity for the institution.

In this segment I have worked with many large institutions in Chennai such as Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Chennai Institute of Technology, Rajalakshmi School of Architecture etc.

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